Fishproducts Iceland Ltd. offers full management services to vessel owners. Trawlers operated by Fishproducts Iceland Ltd. get full access to our experienced captains, engineers and quality controllers. Such cooperation has proven very beneficial to our customers.

Fishproducts Iceland Ltd. is a part of a worldwide network for sales of fish products. We take care of marketing and sales for our customers. Our well-developed sales channels provide for up-to-date market intelligence and high paying customer base.

For vessels meeting high quality criteria's we offer use of our Ice Fish brand. Many seafood buyers in both Europe and USA regard the brand as quality guarantee.

Fishproducts Iceland Ltd. can provide ship owners with short and medium term financing arrangements. These loans are mainly used to purchase fishing equipment, fuel and provisions. Fishproducts is also involved in arranging financing for new and second-hand vessels.

We employ individuals with extensive knowledge of most fishing equipment. Intensive cooperation with major producers of fishing equipment and fishing companies in Iceland ensures that we are in the forefront when it comes to new technology and development in the field of fishing. We make this know-how available to our customers.

Within Fishproducts Iceland Ltd., we offer services such as cold storage, transportation and insurance.