– a strong exporting company emerges –

In January 2015 a new and powerful exporting company will emerge when two Icelandic companies, Bacco and Seaproducts Iceland, will merge into one company. Both companies are well known for exporting salted and frozen quality seafood to international markets for many years and their combined annual turnover is currently ISK 5 billion. The new company, Bacco Seaproducts Ltd. will have a solid economy and excellent personnel with invaluable experience that will continue their sales operations in the same spirit as before.

The merger will create a strong company that has the capacity to handle domestic manufacturers with diligence and increase their opportunities drastically in overseas markets. The personnel and company owners of the merging companies look forward to continue working with the manufacturers and business associates of Bacco and Seaproducts Iceland and are fully confident that after the merger the service will be even better than before.

Bacco Seaproducts Ltd. will be housed in new office premises at Dalshraun 3 in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland. For further information, please contact Bjartmar Pétursson tel: +354 893-5895 or Magnús Guðmundsson tel: +354 899-0482.

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